"Open Hearts"

" Open Hearts "

The world had stopped

Only for 47 seconds 

There was no time 

We were barely breathing

But now you are no longer here 

and look at me, still breathing on my own

We were no dalliance

Just two people who felt the same,

Deep as the earths core 

Silence never felt so sweet

For once I thought I'll embrace the change, let someone in

So we danced, me alongside a stranger

Eloquence has a way of restraining evidence

Desiring to be recognized by my inner cryptic

These pretty browns never once locked with yours

Yet I could see right through you

I could see your soul

While my hearts nakedly exposed

It didn't feel cold until now 

Ephemeral, yet ethereal 

Instead of shivering in the dark 

Like I'm used to, I want to prove 

To myself, I am renewed

Opulent rose, looming to bloom

Wounded, and bruised 

I am the self healer.


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