Alyssa is the CEO and Founder of Easy. Easy. is an organic feminine hygiene subscription service that delivers 100% organic cotton menstrual hygiene products to females' doorsteps all around the world. 

'Easy. is about much more than just feminine hygiene products. It’s a way to empower women locally and abroad and challenge society's ideas about menstrual shame. Easy. provides an efficient platform for women to do this continually and seamlessly by donating 5% of our profits to ZanaAfrica Foundation, delivering pads and health education to Kenyan girls.' - Easy.

Alyssa Bertram 

Alyssa Bertram 

When did your idea for Easy. Come about? What made you want to start such an amazing brand for females ?

The idea for easy. was something I always had. Whenever I had to go buy products for my period, I wished that someone could just deliver them to me. I didn’t know of a service like this so I decided to start one.


How does it feel to be an entrepreneur at such a young age?

It might sound funny but it sort of feels natural. It feels like I’m following the path intended for me. I’m learning a lot about myself being my own boss. Starting a business definitely shows you all the areas you need to grow.


Tell me more about your family's experience with harsh chemicals and health.

When I first started to look into creating the service, I began to find articles that claimed that conventional tampon brands contained substances that could be harmful to women’s health. This was  the first time I had heard this and it made me very concerned. I learned about organic cotton options and I knew that I wanted to spread the word and let women know that they have options in terms of what they put on and in their bodies.


What makes Easy. different than other feminine delivery services?

Easy. is the first Canadian subscription delivery service for all organic tampons. I believe what sets us apart is our transparency and the fact that beyond the business we really aim to empower women.


Why did you choose to donate 5% of your profits to the ZanaAfrica Foundation? How has Easy. Impacted those females ?

This was an easy choice for me. In learning about the dangers of conventional tampons I also learned about the detrimental effects it has on girls and on their communities as a whole when they don’t have access to feminine hygiene products. I chose to partner with Zana Africa Foundation, who work directly with community agencies in Kenya to provide pads and health education to Kenyan girls. We are still in our first year, so at the end of the year, 5% of all profits will to to the foundation.


How do you see young girls learning about health and menstruation in the future?

My hope is that we can educate girls in a comprehensive way so that every girl truly understands and respects menstruation. I also hope that girls will be made aware that there are options in terms of products to handle menstruation and be able to make informed decisions.


How should today's education change when it comes to learning more about feminine products, and menstrual cycles?

We have to be transparent and put women's health and wellbeing first. Women should know exactly what each product contains especially any potentially detrimental side effects and be able to make decisions with all the facts.


What reform do you hope to see regarding the toxicity of today's female hygiene products?

I think that there is absolutely no reason why anything that sits against the permeable tissue of the vagina should contain any substances that are potentially harmful. I would like to see companies uphold a certain level of integrity and put women’s health and dignity first when designing such products.


How has the Easy. lifestyle blog affected females around the world?

We are still fairly new and just getting our blog really going. I can’t speak to females all over the world but I will say that our intention is to create relatable material and to showcase women from all over doing things that can inspire, motivate and help us grow.


What motivated you to make sure Easy. became successful?

What always motivates me when things become difficult is the larger “why” of starting this business. Beyond selling subscriptions, I wanted to connect with women, to share information that I had learned and to make their lives easier by removing a pain so that they could focus on those things that truly matter to them. My motivation is always the desire to help empower women both locally and abroad.


What are your plans for Easy. In the future?

In the future I would like to continue to spread the word about the service to any girl or woman that might benefit from it, to continue to increase the ways that we give back and to continue to hold in person events that leave women feeling empowered.

Thank you so much Alyssa! 

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