What Now?

The days post election have been exhausting. Post after post of allegations and confusion, hatred and fear. Cries of hope and cries of confusion have been ringing through our atmosphere - in hope for someone to hear it. For someone to answer the question that is taking over our minds; what will happen next?

We don’t know. The president-elect has said he has supported gay marriage, and has blatantly refuted it; leaving a basic human right to love and show that love up to specific states. The president-elect ran against the electoral college, he ran in spite of the “corrupt system,” the same one that elected him. The president-elect has countlessly changed his policies and ideas on the rights of human beings. He has ever so progressively shown hatred and a derogatory attitude to marginalized groups who are living on this soil, now buried beneath it in confusion and fear. The man who will shortly be sitting in office has left the public to question if he will be maintaining his position grabbing pussies, finding out whether or not the Chinese did indeed create global warming, or retweeting inaccurate statistics and information supported by the white genocide movement. Will Donald Trump continue to belittle women solely based upon their looks? Will our president-elect continue his ethnocentric chatter and remarks that have been threaded into his speeches and interviews? We don’t know, and that is what may be the scariest part. I will keep an open mind, as i hope and pray he didn’t mean all of those things. I hope and pray the allegations of sexual assault were false. I hope and pray he knows more about women’s reproductive health choices than it seems. I hope and pray he doesn’t adhere to the support of KKK members. I hope and pray that he doesn’t think building a wall will fix the barriers and fear residing within our country as we speak. 

But, as I keep an open mind, I will follow this president’s every move, and I urge you to do the same. This isn’t about being democratic or republican, this was never really about politics. This is about standing up for our brothers and sisters afraid to live in this country right now. This is about showing solidarity for all marginalized groups as they live in the fear that their rights may be taken away. They live in fear that someone who took Trump’s derogatory, discriminatory remarks as a reality will target them. They live in fear that the hate crimes that have plagued our nation over the past few days will happen to them. 

More than ever, we need to support each other. We need to forget how much division this election has brought to the country, and we need to come together. We need to stand up and speak out for what is right. We need to stand up in solidarity for the many people in fear right now. We need to find that empathy within ourselves. We need to be critical of what the president-elect’s next steps will be. We need to look at the big picture - what may happen and what can we change? What can we do to continue supporting basic human rights that may be threatened by this presidency?

We have so many ways to help heal this country right now, and we must take action. We can simply show support, whatever that may be individually. We can realize and not ignore the racist, xenophobic, ethnocentric, homophobic, sexist, and hateful chatter that has escaped Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s minds. We can donate to organizations that support women’s health, LGBTQA+ rights, the research and proactive activism of fighting climate change, and organizations in support of all of these targeted groups. We can show support for these targeted groups by talking to them, researching why they are in fear, trying to see where they’re coming from, and attending peaceful protests and rallies. We can become more active in our communities, spreading love and working on individual activism, we can be kind and compassionate daily, and most of all, we can love one another. 

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