Beautiful On The Outside, Rotten On The Inside

Beautiful On The Outside, Rotten On The Inside

As women, we have so many thoughts that go through our minds every second of the day. There are things that we allow to enter our spirits, and we don't even know how to shake it off. We become so consumed with what life has thrown at us, that before we know it, we've become bitter, broken, hurt, disappointed, and depressed. Now the secret sins of the heart are hard to see when you're looking on the outside. On the outside a woman can be so poised, so dainty, so classy, so beautiful, so well put together, and so made up, but what about the inside? It's so easy for us to dress up, it's so easy to spend hours on hair, makeup, and nails. We will take time out of our days to go shopping, buying clothes and shoes, thinking that will take away the pain. We will spend hours out of our day sitting in a chair at the hair salon, so we can "look pretty". We will buy makeup galore, just to cover up our flaws, so social media will see us as being well dressed all the time, very fashionable, and always "on point". 

How much longer are we going to pretend that we are ok, when we're not? How much longer are we going to fix ourselves up, only to go home and cry ourselves to sleep? How much longer will we convince ourselves and the people around us that we have it all together? Why can't we be honest with ourselves? Why can't we admit, that we are lost and confused? Why can't we admit that we need guidance? Why can't we admit that life has knocked us down, and that we need help getting back up? Beautiful on the outside and rotten on the inside, is something a lot of women around the world suffer with. You'd be surprised to know, that it could just be your mother, sister, best friend, coworker, auntie, or that celebrity that you admire so much. You'd be shocked to know how many women are the life of the party, but broken when they get by themselves. You would be amazed at the woman who you call for advice, is secretly bitter because of what happened in her past. You'll never know what someone is battling with on the inside, because the outside has tricked us into believing that as long as we are fixed up, we are fine. When will we stop seeking for likes on social media, and start seeking God to make us whole again? When will we stop using our beauty, as a way to get attention from men, because the truth of the matter is, we don't need to be in a relationship yet, because we are not together like we should be. When will we stop hating one another, and start building each other up, because we could do some damage in the kingdom for God, if we could just get along? When will we stop hating our sister, because we are secretly envious because she has something that we desire? When the truth is we don't even know the price she paid to get to where she is! When will we stop lying to ourselves about being happy, because every time we have a flash back of our past, we get upset all over again. We say we are over our past, and we've moved on, but in reality, we are still there, and we need help getting past it. We don't even realize that we are not setting a realistic example for the younger generation because we are completely all over the place, and we need to get back in line with God. He's waiting with open arms for his baby girls, his daughters, the apples of his eyes to come back to him. He knows about that pain that you experienced as a little girl, he knows how bad it hurt you, and how long it's taken you to admit, you need a divine healing because you still battle with it everyday. He knows about your resentment to love men because your father was never there. He knows that you desire to love a man like he's supposed to be love, buy you just don't know how, because you wasn't taught. He knows that if you come to him, asking him to heal your heart, you will be made whole. See you have to be honest with God, that's all he wants is us to be honest with him, you're not alone. There's millions of women who carry so much hurt and pain, because they are afraid to talk about it, because they know they will be judged by "people". Do you know that the very thing you're going through right now, could be a testimony to the woman across the street. Do you know that it could save her life?

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