I want to start this article by telling all the USA minorities and women who feel terrified and disrespected, that I love you. I love all of you, so much. You do not deserve this. You deserve better. 

On the morning of Wednesday, November 9, I woke up with a huge hope that humanity is going to win. I have been absolutely sure that it is going to happen. However, once I saw the announcement about that Donald Trump has won and became a president, my world crashed. My heart broke. I saw a rush of Instagram and Facebook posts about how scared people are, I saw tears, I saw people praying, and I saw most women in fear.

I am not going to take any sides here and start another political discussion about who is better, but something tells me that this is not how it was supposed to be, this is not right. They knew that if he becomes a president he is going to tear them all apart, and I guess this is enough proof to that things went very wrong. Why are they afraid? Because they know, what he is going to do to all of them. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I believed in America with all my heart. I saw it as a great country with happy people that are all different and compassionate and I hoped to become American someday. Every time something happened, they knew how to handle it. The whole black lives matter movement, the legalization of same sex marriages, the female empowerment, everything. Suddenly, I could not look at the world the same way. Everything turned grey. I could not think straight. I could not believe they let things come so far and let someone like him be in charge. I kept thinking about it all day and some people were asking me “Why are you so terrified? It doesn’t concern us, we are in Europe”, but somehow, I still felt hurt.

At the end of the day, I had an art class. As I entered the classroom, I saw no one in there, but a little girl about 7-8 years old, peacefully sitting down. The teacher was downstairs, and she had left the radio on and on the radio, a man was talking about this whole Trump situation. I took scissors and started cutting my plastic bottles for our group work. For a second I had to stop and listen carefully to what they were saying. I saw her listening to it just as carefully, and sometimes stopping to glance at my face expression. I could not hold myself back and I asked her, “Horrible, isn’t it?” and she nodded with some kind of disappointment. I continued cutting my bottles. Then I had a thought, if even kids understand that things are horrible, why can’t Trump supporters see this as well? I could not help but wonder… Why? 

I want to tell all of you people that are in fear that you must not give up. If majority of the American people are putting you down, the majority of the outer world will try their best to cheer you up. We feel, we compassionate and we feel sorry. We understand and we care. In addition, a message to all the women out there, who feel skinned alive. It does not matter what country we live in, what race we are, or sexuality, we are all women if we feel like women, if we consider ourselves women, and it is a big united sisterhood. We didn’t fight so long for our history to just give up like that with some misogynistic white degenerate in charge. We are through all this together, because we are strong. It is not about America anymore, it is about girl power. I had to say this. I have to keep saying this. 

Maybe I cannot do much about it, but I want to cheer you up. I do not want to see tears anymore. Whatever happens next, do your best, protect yourselves. Speak up. Tell them that you can. Prove them wrong. The key is to keep going. Inviting you all to join #SecretProjectRevolution, started by Madonna.

To all my sisters in US… And worldwide, too. Much love. Stay strong.

Photographer: Mia Barnes

Photographer: Mia Barnes

Cover Image By: Sam Balaban 

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