A Letter To My Mother Who Is Also My Father

A Letter To My Mother Who Is Also My Father

Since the beginning of time, woman have been looked at as objects. Men would act as if they were toys, like something that you can pick up and just throw away when you're sick of playing with it. When women become pregnant, most of them get abandoned and left alone to raise a child as a single mother all alone, no support & definitely no help. But do they deserve the title of both roles? 

The answer to that question is yes.

Growing up, I've always been observant. I would watch other kids be so happy with having both parents by their side and seeing the light shine in their eyes. I would always wonder, where's mine? Where is my father? Why isn't he walking me to the bus stop? Why isn't he taking me to football games, or any sports game? Why isn't MY father by my side? When you're little and see stories about how girls need a father figure in their life or they will have no stability, you would normally feel scared, but really all of my stability in my life was my mom.

My mother is a hard worker, she has left her life back in Vietnam to move here to the U.S. to support her family. Along the way, she met a gentlemen who is known by "dad" but is does he really deserve that name? He left my mother while she was pregnant with me, no money, no child support, and no help at all. She didn't know much English, so it was really hard for her to communicate what she needed to. He left her to basically die, and his family didn't care at all. She didn't let that stop her though, she found a way to get a job, work even harder, had me in the hospital alone, and continue to raise me and my sisters alone until this day. 

So here's to you mom. 

Thanks for being there on the days when I needed you most. 

Thanks for raising me to be the woman I am today. 

Thanks for teaching me that no one else in this world can mess with what you put your head to. 

Thanks for putting in all of your time and effort into your job to make the money that we need for survival. 

Thanks for always giving me what I wanted, even when I didn't need it.

Thanks for doing everything he couldn't. 

Thanks for always being tired and acting like you weren't.

Thanks for saying you weren't hungry, when you were. 

But most importantly, thanks for doing this on your own.

You are my inspiration, and even though it seems as if you're alone, I'm right here with you. I will never forget the times where you had to wake us up every morning and get us ready for school, feed us breakfast, make us lunch, and then drive us there and pick us up. I will never forget how much money you would have to pay your own "family" to watch us while you were at work. Mom, you deserve the most recognition in this world, you are so strong, kind, loving, and brave. Even when it feels tough, and you want to quit, you never do. So when Father's Day comes around, I will always celebrate it for you.

I love you forever and always.

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