How I Wrote A Book At Fifteen

How I Wrote A Book At Fifteen

Whenever people hear that I'm a self-published author, they ask a couple questions... Among these being: "How is that possible at your age?", "Why would you even pursue that?", and , "What do you know enough to write about?"

If you've aspired to be a writer your whole life as I have (though I'll admit, I've aspired to be a number of things), you can understand why I want to start pursuing my dreams so young. When you know what you want and have a clear direction you'd like to go in, age isn't a factor unless you allow it to be one. Whatever obstacles you come across can be assuaged through sheer determination. Even if the first book you write isn't perfect, it's a step. Every step you take makes a difference. Know why you want to do the things you do. If you know why you'll be more driven to work and see that you'll be intrinsically motivated! Intrinsic motivation can be cultivated in any endeavor, and I highly suggest looking into it. 

I lean more toward writing nonfiction the majority of the time, but I do love reading fiction. In any writing though, I feel that one should write what they know best! If your passionate or knowledgeable about something, then you definitely have something to offer others. If you know you can help others through your knowledge, or have a message you'd like to share, work with that. While it can seem like everyone is on their own island at times, it's crucial to remember we are all connected and impact others with our actions. When you give to others, you help yourself as well. Don't perceive the expenditure of time, energy, or effect for others as a sacrifice but instead an investment.Whatever you give out, you will receive back tenfold.

I want to spend my life helping others, and while I know that I will continue to learn for the rest of my life, I won't wait for an ominous date in the future when I will be perceived as qualified... You don't have to either!

If you're interested in my book, it can be purchased here ( In it, I delve into a variety of topics, from meditation to social change to personal growth. It's free for kindle unlimited users as well!

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