How You Can Have Radical Self Love

How You Can Have Radical Self Love

   I think that radical self love is always possible, and for anyone! However, there is a reason I use the word radical in the first place- to love oneself completely is to defy every norm there is. We are brought up and constantly bombarded with subconscious messages telling us we aren't as good as we should be- that we are "less than"; whether these messages be through advertisements, media (such as television or social networks), or through the seemingly omnipresent beauty standards in society, it is extremely difficult to ignore them and follow your own path. To be considered "of value", we are told we need to have lots of material possessions, beauty, and an unrealistic social life. The majority does not benefit from these guidelines, and yet they exist regardless. You don't need anyone else telling you who to be, and it's undoubtedly possible to love who you are without considering the opinions of others.

   Now-how exactly do you begin? Depending on your current disposition, you may have some way to go. You may have a much longer way to go involving a great deal of inner work. The path to radical self love is 100% individual, and will be different for every person. Changing what you expose yourself to is the very first step in cultivating self appreciation. Choose to look at media featuring diverse people, largely unbiased opinions, and empowering or forward thinking ideas. 

   Realize you are more than your body! You have the ability to create ideas, and then spread those ideas with other humans! You can seriously change another being's life through your energy and ideas alone. You are a culmination of your experiences, your behavior, your energy, and much more! Be unashamed of who you are, and know that you are equipped perfectly for what you yourself are meant to do. Do those things that bring you where you want to be, and do those things that make who you are at your core content.

   Let go of judgements you have toward yourself and judgements you have towards others. The reason I say let your judgements of others go is due to the fact that such judgements are reflections of yourself 99% of the time. When you accept other people's individuality and quirks, you accept the things about who you are you've previously rejected. Let the love in. Serve yourself. Saying positive things to yourself, you train your brain to become more compassionate towards all things. Just be kind to yourself and everything else will work it's way out

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